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"Randy is an incredible trainer. He constantly switches his routines so my both my mind and body are challenged. Just when I think I have worked every muscle, he finds a new one. He has completely changed my body and raised my stamina. He doesn’t let me get away with anything and is the perfect mix of encouraging and tough. He is hard working and fantastic at his job."

Amanda Silverman | Client since 2003


"Randy is a very creative and personable trainer. Our sessions are varied and always interesting. Each time, Randy has already planned the session with a specific goal in mind. The workouts are intense but he knows just how far I can go. I feel Randy has made a real difference in my health and my attitude toward keeping fit (and I have been working out regularly for over 30 years).

I had a double hernia repair a few years ago, and Randy helped me get back into shape with a regimen that built up as I recovered. He was able to work within my limitations while still pushing me forward. Randy was a one of the reasons I was able to get back to pre-hernia fitness and then some.

I am in my late 50s and still going strong. If I can do this, anyone can. Thanks, Randy, and here’s to many more years of helping me stay healthy."

George Phillips | Client since early 2005


"I have known Randy for a long time and I must say that training with him was not easy. I live in Long Island and started training with Randy in November 2009. It was very tiring at first to travel to Manhattan 3 times a week for training, but he made it possible. He arranged his schedule to accommodate me due to my travelling time. Because of friendship, I did not take it very serious at first. I quickly learned from Randy that training takes discipline, self motivation, time and hardwork.

Randy is notorious for being on time and was sometimes unforgiving when you are late. He is also very disciplined when it comes to talking and goofing around during the sessions. He feels that there is time for that after the training. ‘During training it is important to concentrate on the exercises and paying attention to one’s breathing. Talking is distracting’ he says.

Learning the right way to breathe especially during training is extremely important to avoid passing out and Randy taught me how to do that. It may seem simple but it is very important. When I started in November of 2009, I was 187 pounds and when I completed my training with him at the end of May, I was 169 pounds.

Overall, I have to say that Randy is by far a great, talented and devoted trainer. He is also willing to travel to assist you in with your training needs."

Narda Silvera | Client since November 2009


"I have been training with Randy since 2004. When I first began with him I had not partaken in any strenuous activity in years and as a result my fitness level was very poor. Randy never made me feel self conscious or ashamed of this, instead we focused on the future and what could be achieved with consistency and determination.

I now consider myself to be extremely fit. Randy has been an ever present advocate in my fitness transformation and has helped me achieve the goals I have set for myself (including events such as my wedding and 35th birthday).

Randy has the unique ability to make you feel accountable for your own actions (i.e. if you want results you have to work hard) but to also give you the right amount of praise and encouragement so as not to become despondent.

My workouts with Randy are always varied. He changes it up to keep it fresh and interesting and he adapts my workouts when I am injured.

Randy is extremely professional. He has never been late to a session or cancelled on me. When he is training you he is completely focused on you. He is also a really genial person and a joy to be around. I will continue to train with Randy for many years to come."

Christine Ostler | Client since February 2004


"I have known Randy for 10 + years, first as my personal trainer and as the years progressed he’s become a dear friend.  In my time training with randy he’s set my frame of mind in line with the results I want to achieve.  He’s constantly saying, “21 days, baked, broiled and steam and no drinking” After trying this once and seeing the results I was sold, this became my mantra in my everyday life and with this mind set, I succeeded maintaining my ideal weight with his guidance.

After these many years working out with him, my form is perfect which maximizes my results and I can truly say it’s because of him that I am in the shape that I’m in today, which by the way is pretty sick.

He pushes me and never lets me give up, he always has new, exciting and always challenging workout routines, no 2 sessions are alike and I love that.

His dedication to his craft is second to none, he’s always on time and always ready to kick some butt. He’s always focused on your time, he doesn’t check his phone and he’s definitely not one for too much chit chat and  you get more than what you pay for;  someone that cares about the result you achieve and wants to be the best trainer he can be for you. There s nothing you cant achieve on a physical level with Randy as your trainer. He’s the best I have ever had."

Stacey Alvarez | Client since 2000


"Randy has been a BIG inspiration for me. I am the kind of person who never used to work out. It was just simply too boring for me! Since I signed up with BBR Fitness my life has changed completely. It hasn't been easy, it is not always a lot of fun but I have seen a big change in my body, mindset, weight and motivation. All thanks to Randy Griffiths' professionalism and support! If you really want to change your body and feel better about yourself, all you have to do is just do what Randy says. Believe me-it has changed my life!"

Lina Axmacher | Client since June 2009



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